When Is It Time To Put Your Dog Down?

There’s nothing like the unconditional love you get from your dog. Unlike people, your dog never judges you and she’s always happy and excited whenever you walk in the room or come home from work. And this is just one of the reasons why it so very difficult when a dog reaches her end-of-life stage. Losing a pet often hits just as hard as losing a member of the family, because after all, that’s what she is.

But this an unfortunate reality that all pet owners face because animals simply have naturally shorter lives than humans. There will eventually come a time where you will have to make the decision about when to have your pet euthanized. As hard as this decision will be, you need to think about your dog first and what she is going through.

So, how do you know when it’s time to put your dog down?

Determine Your Dog’s Quality of Life

One of the most important things you need to consider when thinking about euthanizing your pet is their quality of life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is she eating and drinking?
  • Is she able to urinate/defecate normally?
  • Does she still crave and enjoy human interaction?
  • Does she have more good days than bad?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, then you should discuss the issue with your veterinarian. Depending on your dog’s age and health there may be a treatment option available that can help her recover. But, if no treatment can help her recover or provide her the relief she needs, or you cannot afford the proper treatment, then you may want to discuss euthanasia with your veterinarian.

Doing What’s Best for Your Dog

Remember, when you are coming at if from a loving place, euthanasia can be considered a gift, especially to a dog that is living in constant pain and discomfort. If her quality of life is no longer good, then putting a painless end to her suffering is the best thing you can do for your pet. As hard as it can be, take comfort in knowing that your dog’s suffering is over and that you helped her on her journey with peace and love.

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