What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Chicken Bone

dog chewing on bone

Back in the day, people thought nothing of giving their dogs table scraps. Along with the leftover meats and veggies, dogs were even given bones to chew on to keep them busy. But since those days, we’ve learned a lot about the risks of giving dogs bones, in particular, chicken bones.

While most dogs can have a fine time chewing on big beef bones with relative low risk, chicken bones present a major potential for your pet because these bones are substantially weaker and more brittle than thick, hard beef bones. They can easy shatter into small slivers that can be extremely sharp, posing a dangerous threat to a dog’s mouth, throat, and lining of her digestive system.

Dogs that swallow chicken bones are at high risk of choking and in some case, the sharp slivers of bone can even pierce a dog’s intestines, causing serious health complications and even death. So, as you can see, keeping chicken bones away from your beloved pet is essential. But as well all know, dogs are nothing if not persistent, so here’s what to do if your dog eats a chicken bone.

Step 1: Remove the Uneaten Bone Immediately and Call Your Veterinarian

If you notice your dog pulled a chicken bone out of the garbage or grabbed one of someone’s plate and has started eating it, you should get the bone away from her as quickly as possible and try to get any shards out of her mouth before she swallows them. Next, you should call your veterinarian and they will ask you questions to determine if you should bring her to the clinic or not.

Step 2: Feed Your Dog Some Bread

If your veterinarian doesn’t think your dog needs to come to the clinic, then they will usually tell you to feed your dog something bulky, like bread. The bread will help soften the sharp edges of the bone and help the bone shards get through the digestive system more safely, so the bones can be softened by your pup’s digestive juices. Once the bone passes through the stomach, it should hopefully be softened to the point that your dog can eliminate the bone safely.

If you believe your dog has swallowed some pieces of bone, do not try to induce vomiting. This will only increase the risk of her esophagus being pierced as the bone is forcefully evacuated.

What To Do If Your Dog Chokes on a Chicken Bone

If your dog eats a chicken bone and starts choking, knowing what to do next is important. Here is how to help a choking dog:

  • Check your dog’s airway by opening her mouth and cupping your index finger (for smaller dogs, use your pinky) and go to the back of the throat to feel if there might be something obstructing the airway.
  • If your dog’s mouth and back of the throat are clear, but your pet is still struggling to breathe, then you will need to perform the Heimlich maneuver. The Heimlich maneuver puts a sharp burst of pressure onto the chest wall to dislodge anything blocking the airway. Performing the Heimlich on a dog is like doing it on a human.
    • Get behind your dog and wrap your arms around her chest, like a bear hug from behind.
    • Bring your hands together at the point just below the end of the sternum.
    • Then, give a quick pull toward you through your dog.
  • After a couple of pulls, check your dog’s mouth again to see if anything is being forced out of the trachea. If you find anything, remove it. When checking for dog’s mouth and throat for obstructions, you may feel little bones in the throat area. These are your dog’s cartilage bones. They are normal, so don’t pull those out.

Remember What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chicken Bones And You Can Save Her Life

Whenever your dog is in a situation where she can get hurt, it’s normal to panic. But staying calm and reacting with purpose is the best thing you can do, especially in the event your dog starts choking on a chicken bone.

As we all know, dogs are very crafty animals and despite all your best efforts to prevent your dog from getting a hold of a chicken bone, there may come a time when she happens to snatch one. Should this happen, what you do next is important. Remember these tips for what do if your dogs eats chicken bones and you will have a higher chance of having a positive outcome.

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