What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

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When you are forced to be away from home for a certain period, such as while working or for a longer period like when you’re on vacation or in the hospital, and you have a pet that needs caring for, hiring a pet sitter can help ensure your pet gets the care and attention she needs while you are away.

Still, you may wonder – what does a pet sitter do and how are they different from boarding your pet?
A professional pet sitter is someone who comes to your home and provides your pet with everything that you would provide her if you were home. This includes a wide variety of tasks like walking your dog, feeding your pets, administering medicine, and more.

What Does a Dog Sitter Do That a Kennel Does Not?

The biggest difference between what a pet sitter does and what a doggy daycare or kennel does is a pet sitter cares for your pet in the comfort of her own home. Your dog remains in the space where she is most comfortable and familiar with instead of being locked away in a crate surrounded by dozens of other barking dogs.

A pet sitter spends a lot of one-on-one time with your pet. They provide her with all her daily necessities and plenty of attention and TLC. By comparison, pets that are boarded receive very little one-on-one attention, they are fed whatever brands of food the facility uses and are more likely to suffer from anxiety and stress.

Additional Benefits of Using a Pet Sitting Service

Simply put, using a pet sitting service is better for your pet’s health and wellness for several key reasons, including:

  • Your pet will not be exposed to illnesses commonly passed around in pet boarding facilities
  • Your pet’s diet and exercise routines remain the same
  • Your pet’s medications are administered on time and according to schedule
  • Your pet won’t suffer the emotional trauma that often comes with moving to a new location without her owner
  • Your pet will be happier and less stressed while you’re away

Pet sitters can also provide you with a range of other services to help give you peace of mind, such as bringing in your mail and newspapers, turning your lights on and off, and opening and closing your blinds to help give your home a lived-in look while you’re not home. They can even transport your pet to and from her vet appointments, so she never misses an important check-up.

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