How To Reduce & Control Dog Shedding

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Nothing beats being the owner of a dog. The sheer joy and unconditional love they share can brighten up even our darkest of days. Our dogs are always there for us when others aren’t. So, it’s comes as no surprise that we can sometimes tend to treat our beloved pets more like children than humble animals. In our eyes, our dogs are perfect.

But as perfect as they are, if there is one thing that a lot of dog owners would probably like to change about their pets, it’s their propensity for shedding. Depending on the breed, a dog’s shedding can be a slight nuisance or it can quickly overwhelm a room. And certain breeds don’t shed at all.

If you have a dog that sheds more than you’d like and you’re looking for tips for how to reduce dog shedding, then you’re in the right place. Here are some proven ways that can help you control dog shedding in your home.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

The hair that your dog is shedding is hair that has grown old or has become damaged and getting rid of the hair is an essential part of keeping her skin and fur healthy. So, one of the most effective ways at reducing the amount of hair that gets shed on to your furniture and clothing is to manually remove as much as possible by brushing your dog regularly.

When brushing your dog to remove her old hair, it is important to use the right type of brush. Some of the more common brushes used to remove loose hair from a dog’s coat include Slicker Brushes, Shedding Blades, Matbreakers, and Love Gloves, which feature rubber grippers on a glove, so the hair comes off in your hand when you pet your dog.

Vacuum Frequently

Even though you are brushing your dog more often, you will find a lot of hair will still wind up where you don’t want it to be. So, vacuuming more frequently, especially after brushing your dog, will be required if you want to reduce the amount of shed hair in your home.

Consider Changing Your Dog’s Food

Some dog food isn’t exactly good for your dog’s coat. So, diet could be playing a role in your pup’s shedding problems. Feed your dog a healthy diet consisting mainly of good digestible protein sources. If her diet was part of the problem, you will see a change for the better in just a few days after feeding her a higher quality dog food.

Try a Fatty Acid Supplement

Fatty acids play a big role in how healthy and lustrous a dog’s coat is. So, adding a fatty acid supplement into your daily routine might prove beneficial if your dog’s coat is looking dry and listless. As always, before giving your pet any over the counter supplement, be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian to help reduce the risk of any unwanted interactions with any other medications or treatments your dog may be currently on.

Use a Flea and Tick Preventative

Fleas and ticks not only cause severe itching in dogs, which can cause them to scratch themselves to the point their fur falls out, but they also carry a litany of diseases that can cause intense skin irritations and infections. Administering a quality flea and tick preventative will help protect your dog from such potential problems and help reduce her shedding because she won’t be scratching herself as much.

Bathe Your Dog More Regularly in the Summer

Summer is when most dogs shed their hair more often. So, along with regular brushing, you will also want to start bathing your dog more frequently in the summertime. Usually a weekly bath works well, but just be sure to use a mild shampoo, like one made from oatmeal, to help prevent your dog’s skin from drying out.

Remove Shed Hair From Upholstery and Your Dog’s Bed When You Find It

Hair that is freshly shed is much easier to remove because it hasn’t had the time yet to weave its way into the fabric of your furniture. So, don’t wait to remove it if you see it. The sooner you can remove the hair from your furniture and your dog’s bedding, the better. A tape roller works very well at removing freshly shed hair.

Start practicing these few tips and you should start noticing less dog hair around your home, in your car, and on your clothing. Plus, your dog’s coat will never look better. Yes, it will add a little more work to your daily routine, but if shed hair is giving you headaches, then it will be worth it.

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