How Long Should A Puppy Sleep In Your Room?

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Adopting a puppy is one of life’s most fun and rewarding experiences. Not unlike bringing a newborn home from the hospital, it can be natural to want your new pup to sleep in your bedroom, so you can watch over her at night and be right there for her for when she needs to go to the bathroom.

While it can be tempting to allow your puppy to sleep in your bed with you, it isn’t recommended because it can make it harder for both you and her to get a good night’s sleep. Instead, if you want your pup to sleep in your bedroom, you should position her crate in a safe area where she can sleep undisturbed.

If you’re wondering – how long should a puppy sleep in your room? , the answer ultimately depends on you. Many veterinarians and dog training experts say that your puppy should only sleep in your room until she is potty trained, which typically takes about four months. But the truth is, if you want your pup to continue sleeping in your room after she has outgrown her puppy phase, then that’s ok too.

Why Allowing Your Dog to Sleep in Your Room Makes Sense

There are several reasons why you may want to allow your dog to sleep in your room even after she’s grown up. For starters, keeping your dog uncrated and outside of the bedroom is a recipe for disaster, literally. Dogs don’t sleep continuously through the night, so the risk that your dog could get into something she shouldn’t will be high. Come morning, you could find quite the mess waiting for you.

Another advantage of having your dog sleep in your room is that she’ll be an excellent security system. Your dog will be naturally protective and on alert at the first sign of danger. Should someone break into your home, your dog will be safe in your room where she won’t be in a position to possibly get injured, but she will make enough noise to wake you up and hopefully send the thief running.

Keeping your dog in your room with you will also allow you to react to emergencies quicker. For instance, if your dog gets something stuck in her throat or suffers a seizure, you will be right there to care for your dog. Having your dog at your side at night also helps strengthen your bond and it can even help reduce potty accidents.

How Long Should a Puppy Sleep In Your Room in a Crate?

As stated earlier, you can get rid of the crate when your puppy becomes potty trained, which is typically anywhere from four to six months. If you wish to keep your puppy sleeping in your room at night after she is out of her crate, then it is recommended to place a comfortable dog bed in the same place as where her crate was located. Your dog is already familiar with this area, so keeping it as her sleeping space will allow her to make the transition from her crate to her bed quicker and easier.

Lastly, if you do not want your dog to sleep on your bed with you, then it is recommended to not allow her on your bed when she’s a puppy. Putting your puppy on your bed once will only result in her wanting to get back on it again and this is a habit that will be hard to break once she learns it.

Whichever route you choose, you need to stick by your decision. Getting lax with your rules will only confuse your dog and before you know it, your bed will turn into hers.

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